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Best Gaming Laptops for 2012-2013


Anyone that games on their laptop can tell you all about what it takes to be a great gaming laptop. If you have ever tried to play games on a laptop that does not have the graphics upgrade and memory upgrade that’s required to game successfully then you know exactly what frustration looks like.



The top gaming laptops of 2012-2013 are laptops that have all the necessary features and few extras thrown in for good measure as there is a litany of features that you are going to want to make your gaming experience a top notch experience.


Let’s Take a Look


Laptops in general have come a long way. At one point laptops really could not be relied on for anything more than some simple computing. That has all changed drastically. Many people depend solely on their laptops for everything that you would do with a regular CPU.


The gaming experience has also evolved greatly! The industry has become an expert at creating bigger, faster and better gaming laptops each year and 2012-2013 will be no different. So what do you really want in the next generation gaming laptop?


Some things to look for:


                     Price- you can expect to find that the best gaming machines are going to come way down in price. This is great news! Being able to afford an all around better machine that can take you to new heights in gaming is a possibility in the 2012-2013 shopping season.

                     Bigger Better Graphics- you can expect that the greatest gaming laptops are going to have more memory more of which will be devoted to graphics.


                     Quicker- look for machines that are not going to stall mid way during loading. These bugs that were so common are going to be abolished in the greatest machines of 2013.


Any New Names?


It seems that the same brand names are repeated year after year so should you be looking for any new names appearing on the horizon for this year? Sadly the answer is no you can expect to see the same familiar brands taking the lead. The top gaming laptops for 2012-2013 are from Toshiba, Asus, and Alienware. Probably the only new name trying to break into the gaming market is Acer.


Of course, there will be a couple of stragglers moving in but none that will unseat the standard favorites. You can expect greatness to come from the same reliable sources that have been producing the greatest gaming laptops.


Get excited though because the top gaming laptops for 2012-2013 are going to blow your doors off. You are going to see features you never thought possible!




Best Laptops 2012-2013
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